What Minimalism Means for Christians

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Minimalism is the new trend. In a world where owning more seems to be the goal, people are fighting back, and that’s good. Materialism doesn’t bring the happiness people think it brings. So, is minimalism the right path? What does minimalism mean for Christians?

How to Start a Group Bible Study or Small Group

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Starting a group Bible study is easy, but if you’ve ever tried to do it, you probably figured out that it doesn’t just happen. There’s work involved, but it’s more planning than anything. I’ll walk you through the entire process and included everything I’ve learned over the years, along with plenty of resources to help you out.

Stop Making Excuses and Start Thinking Big

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Do consider yourself successful? Stop and ask yourself that question. Seriously. And what does success mean to you? The truth is, most people wouldn’t say they’re successful. Let’s discuss what success means, and what we should be doing for the Kingdom of God to have major success. It all starts with your thinking.

The Complete Guide to Reading Your Bible Daily

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There have been over 6 billion Bibles printed to date. There are well over 1,000 translations into new languages currently in progress. We all know the importance of God’s Word, so let’s look at 10 important and easy-to-implement points for effective daily Bible reading and study.

How to Be a Productive Christian

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We all want to be productive. Productive employees, spouses, parents…productive people. But how is productivity different for Christians? Let’s look at what the Bible says about productivity, and see 10 ways we can be more productive Christians.